Reporting Extension

Introducing this new Reporting extension for Trimble SketchUp® "Pro" or "Make" versions.

This extension with export component attributes and images to a JSON data file. You can

then create your own report layouts with the built-in Report Designer.

downloads and videos

SketchUp® Reporting Extension
This video introduces the Reporting Extension for Sketchup®.

Designing reports with Reporting Extension
This video shows some of the features of the Report Designer.

Help PDF for the Reporting Extension.
This document provides more details on the Reporting Extension.

Download Reporting Extension
This RBZ file is Version 2.4.1 of Reporting Extension for SketchUp® 2017 or later. (Updated 2/11/2022)

Download Sample Models
This ZIP file contains the sample SketchUp® models used in the Reporting Extension videos.